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Fraternity Faces Crisis - Meets the Challenge

This article discusses the history of Tri Delta from 1968-1972, under the leadership of President Kathleen Davis Nye, University of Iowa.

Collection: The Trident Collection

Kathleen Nye Past President Interview, June 23, 1982

Kathleen Davis Nye, University of Iowa, speaks to Margaret Paddock Haller, Cornell University, about her Tri Delta career, beginning with her time as traveling secretary from 1943-1945, including a time she traveled on a troop train during World War II, then later serving as fraternity chairman of academic standards, district president of Indiana, and fraternity collegiate vice president before becoming president from 1968-1972. She discusses the expansion of career opportunities for women, shares her recollections of serving under President Susan White Perry, Vanderbilt University, and the decision to close Alpha Upsilon Chapter at Colby College, as well as the Executive Board's reaction to the recruitment of the first African American member by Delta Upsilon Chapter at Ohio Wesleyan University. Kathleen also speaks fondly of the Tri Deltas who served with her on Executive Board during her presidency, discusses the challenges of recruitment, membership selection, and discrimination in the 1960s, recounts the move of the Tri Delta Executive Office to Arlington, Texas, and recalls the 1970 Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Collection: Tri Delta Audiovisual Collection

Louise Diamond Smith Oral History Audio, c. 1982

Louise Diamond Smith, University of Texas, speaks to Gloria Hoffman Snyder, University of Texas, about her work as Fraternity Executive Secretary, beginning with the opening of the new Parkway Plaza Executive Office in Arlington, Texas. She describes her duties and explains which aspects of her work she finds most challenging or enjoyable and discusses the increasing importance of computerization to the workplace. Louise closes by sharing her recollections of past presidents and Executive Board members with whom she worked.

Collection: Tri Delta Audiovisual Collection

Tri Delta Executive Office - A Place to Call Home

Linda Kemp Norris, University of Florida, writes about the development of Tri Delta's Executive Office and its staff through the Fraternity's history.

Collection: The Trident Collection

Two Executive Office Staff Members at the Parkway Plaza Office Photograph

Two staff members work in the Tri Delta Executive Office at Parkway Plaza in Arlington, Texas.

Collection: Tri Delta Archive Collection