Founders Exhibit

Every Tri Delta knows the basics about the Fraternity's Founders and Founding at Boston Univeristy in 1888. But who were these women? What do we know about them as individuals and about their lives after college? Click here to explore these questions and more.


Celebrating Tri Deltas

Members of Tri Delta have excelled within the Fraternity and their chosen fields, helping to make the world a better place. Click here to learn more about just a few of these inspirational women.



Learn about major events and trends throughout the history of Tri Delta since its founding in 1888.


The Trident

Explore issues and articles of Tri Delta's official publication, The Trident.


Chapters & Members

Since 1888, Tri Delta has initiated more than 316,000 women and established 196 collegiate chapters across North America, 141 of which are active today. Search by collegiate chapter or individual member.